Float (OptiFloat)

Float glass is the standard glass found in many windows, it is commonly used as the outer pane of glass in thermally efficient double glazed units when it is teamed with a low E inner plane of glass.

Low Iron (Optiwhite or Diamante)

Low Iron glass is a specially developed float glass without the faint green tint that appears in most standard float glass. Low Iron glass is the superior choice to standard float glass.
  • Neutral clear appearance
  • Maximum light transmission compared to standard float glass
  • Suitable for commercial applications where superior performance is required
  • Superior choice to standard float glass

Low E, Hard Coat (K-Glass)

Hard Coat is an on-line coated low E glass; its Pilkington brand name, K-Glass, is well known making it a popular choice.
Meets building regulations for energy efficiency
  • Available in toughened or laminated

Low E, Soft Coat (Optitherm or Planitherm Total)

Soft Coat is an off-line coated low E glass, giving greater performance than its sister hard coat low E glass (K-Glass).
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • High light transmission
  • Exceeds building regulations

Glass Styles (Obscure)