Composite Doors

We are proud to present our new composite door. It is by a long measure, in our opinion, the finest composite door on th market today. In ten years research and development we have left no stone unturned in our quest for the perfect product. Our approach to this was innovative and radical. The composititon of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure. This structure gives it a massive strength-to-weight ratio. Apart from the monocoque design there are a lot of other innovative features to this door. For instance, we have designed and manufactured a hing exclusively for this door, so it is visually concealed unlike th more commonly used flag hinge, which is unsightly. Our glazing system with beads that look like wood is also very attractive. Our wood grain finish is superb, due to the fact that all our tooling is made in-house. In a very unique process we replicate exactly the finish of a real oak door, 100% true to the original. Another feature of the door is its excellent U value rating of 0.205 as tested by the "Lambda" testing method. In addition to this, all our glass is triple glazed and we use edgetech warm edge seals for the lowest U value possible of 0.7.

Here we have a short video showing break in attempt with our monocoque door and standard composite door  

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